a karate lock - collocation


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Hi there!

I'm expanding my lexicon and I'm searching for a collocation with a karate lock. Do we administer, do, apply or use it ... or neither of them. I'm looking for something rather formal tham might be use in a brochure.

PS Personally, I am in favour of apply or administer.
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    Well, speaking from my BJJ experience (I think it should be the same), when using armbars, or other joint locks or cranks, or chokes (like "rear nacked") etc, we apply them. At least in my school.


    When in guard position, you can apply an armbar, or triangle choke, or gillotine choke.
    Thanks a lot, I typed 'omaplata' and it collocates with apply, perform ... and probably many more. Thanks, anyway.
    Actually I corrected my post as I had "omaplata" in it first also, but then I had my doubts about this one, as omaplata is a complex move from the guard involving sitting down on one's opponent's arm at the end while being on his side, so I thought maybe "to perform omaplata" would be a better use, and this is why I removed it, but now that you've found it - I think it's OK too.