A key property of this scheme


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I will be grateful if you could answer my question:

Is this sentence right?

A key property of this scheme is securing voter side platform.

I think that saying "Securing voter side platform is a key property of this scheme" is OK but I want to start the sentence with "A key ..."

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    welcome, mmpf! :)
    "Property" seems odd. Perhaps "element", "feature", "aspect" or "factor in".
    I don't know what "voter side platform" means. I doubt you want "the" before "securing", unless "securing" is followed by "of".


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    Thank you aztlaniano.
    By voter side platform, I mean the platform that voters (in Internet voting) use, to cast their votes. Yes, you are right. "Securing" is my concern. Sorry the correct sentence is "A key property of this scheme is securing voter side platform." So you mean it is wrong to use securing after is ? what can I do? As I said I want to preserve the structure of sentence.
    I appreciate you for your help and patience.


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    In terms of IT-security, it means the PCs that voters use are vulnerable to many kinds of Malwares and cyber-attacks. So, we must think about securing these platforms against probable attacks.


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    Yes, you can use 'A key property of this scheme' as the subject of the sentence. :)

    (The information that this is related to electronic voting is very helpful. You should include that kind of information in the first post next time. It will help people give you accurate answers, and answer more quickly.)
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