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What do you call the kind of cough that comes from the lungs, and is a sign that something a bit more serioud is going on. It's not a normal cough but a more serious kind of cough (that you sometimes have when you have a flu or lungs inflamation). Can you call it "dirty cough"?
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    There are probably several kinds of serious coughs. One is a croupy cough (named after a respiratory condition called croup (often "the croup")). You can have a croupy cough with other diseases. It's a deep, wet cough like a dog barking. Pertussis (whooping cough) also has a particular cough, but it rarely occurs outside that disease and most people are vaccinated against it so I haven't heard a whooping cough in a long time.


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    There is also a racking cough. This is a cough that shakes your whole body. In fact, you can break a rib with such a cough. It's not a condition or a disease. It's just a name for that type of cough.
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