A l'époque, l'entreprise a du faire face à de grosse pertes

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Hi everyone :),

I wonder what's the best way to translate this sentence in a general context. I'm especially having trouble translating "faire face à/être confronté à/connaître" in meaning "to encounter" for a company/firm.

"A l'époque, l'entreprise a du faire face à/a connu de grosses pertes et une baisse de ses parts de marché".

Here is my try:

'At that time the company confronted/was dealing with massive losses and declining market shares'.

I'm not very sure about using "to deal" in this context.
Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance.
  • Franco-filly

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    You could say "had to deal with" but I think "encountered" is more appropriate / sounds more formal. We also use "suffured" when talking of losses:

    the company suffered/encountered heavy (/massive) losses....
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