1. struggling student New Member

    I recently read an article in a Mexican magazine about the attendance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the BAFTA awards ceremony. The article had the title. "William y Kate a la conquista de la red carpet" Can anyone give me a translation for "a la conquista de" in this context? Why is a la conquista used? Is this just a Mexican thing?
  2. gotasdeoro Senior Member

    España. Español
    Se usa 'a la conquista de' porque se supone que en la red carpet te juzga todo el mundo, así que triunfar allí es importante

    BLUEGLAZE Senior Member

    English - USA
    We might say - mastery of the red carpet.
    Ms. X has mastered the red carpet (folderol, ordeal).
  4. boroman Senior Member

    Español - España
    Creo que quiere decir "William y Kate a triunfar en la alfombra roja de los BAFTA" :(.
  5. jilar

    jilar Senior Member

    Galicia, España
  6. struggling student New Member

    thank you for your help everyone :)

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