A la empresa le está yendo bien

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    I came across a phrase while reading a mexican newspaper. It read, "A la empresa le está yendo bien," instead of "La empresa está yendo bien." It took me a while to figure out what it meant. Is the latter phrase correct and does it mean the same thing as the former?
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    I think both are correct and mean exactly the same,the company is ok ( has benefits,don´t need to fired employes,....)
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    Vamos ..que no es española :p
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    "Irle bien a alguien/algo" es simplemente una frase hecha, no le des más vueltas, simplemente se dice, y significa lo mismo que "alguien/algo va bien".

    "¿Qué sabes de Juan? He oído que le va muy bien desde que se mudó a China"

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    'Things are going well for the company....'

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