1. jimfinn Member

    This is from a German theologian speaking extemporaneously in Spanish...

    "la teologia de liberacion cuando surge, surge frente a sistema explotador
    pero donde cambio parecia algo a la mano
    Se reorganiza y entonces hay otra sociedad."

    The basic idea is that liberation theology came about as a result of one kind of exploitative system. But that system reorganized itself into something different.

    I do not understand the a la mano bit
  2. Rayines

    Rayines Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Hi: a la mano means "cerca". "El cambio parecía algo a la mano":The change seemed to be something possible.
  3. Sultana del Norte New Member

    Northern Mexico
    CA English/Mexican Spanish
    Hi Jimfinn

    It basically means that the change was "within reach"...

    Hope this helps!
  4. jimfinn Member

    thank you! that clears it up

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