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In an episode of the US series Judge Judy, the plaintiff said that she had lived in her employer's house rent-free in return for landscaping.

For me landscaping refers to designing and remodelling the grounds of a house possibly with the use of heavy plant. The plaintiff however seemed to be describing light cleaning and house-keeping duties.

Did I mishear? If not how would US speakers describe the duties of such a landscaper?

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    There's some title inflation going on here (like how garbagemen become "sanitation engineers"). Landscapers mow your yard, trim your bushes, etc. on a weekly basis. To design your new landscape, you now must hire a "landscape architect."


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    Hello, Grubble. If she's doing light cleaning and house-keeping, then she should have described herself as a "housekeeper" or something similar. "Landscaper" means what you think it does, and that term doesn't make any sense in the context.