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Is there a better word in French to describe where cars can be parked right outside one's house in England,than "une allée", which seems not to suggest "where cars are parked" very well. It seems merely to imply a "path".

What if I want to translate, for example, "we have a large driveway where up to four cars can park easily"

  • nickhk

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    It seems to me that a driveway is intended to drive, not to park, just like in French

    Nothing better than "une allée" comes to my mind, sorry!

    De plus, se garrer dans les allées est tres répendu en France

    I mean here that like driveway that sounds like drive more than park, allées can easily induce private parking.

    Albert 50

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    Canada: French and English (bilingual)
    Homes where I was raised in Canada almost always have a "drive-way". It is usually referred to in French as the "entrée de garage". It can be long or wide, paved or gravel...



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    and you've never heard voie de parkingprivée? or if you have what do you imagine for it?
    Well I have, but it certainly NOT make me think first thing about une aire/emplacement de parking / une entrée de garage...

    Une voie privée is first of all a road... so it goes point A to point B... it could be a track parting 2 private fields, or a private road that links a coulple of houses... not a designated parking space!


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    Also, when I think "driveway" I picture a "private road" (as they are officially called by our energy providers) that leads up to a house (possibly with a garage at the end for storing your car, or if not, your car is stored closest to the house, on the "driveway"). Just because the private road leading up to a house in a subdivision is very short (the car can take up much of it) does not mean it is "designated parking space" in my mind.

    But I understand how you would say "voie privée" would sound like nothing could be acceptably parked there. What you're saying instead then is that, for a "private road" that gets from point A(the road) to point B(the house) and usually allows cars to park on it you would say "allée de garage"?

    "Aire/emplacement de parking" me semble trop comme un place officiel, peut-être designer pour cet raison, un "parking lot".


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    Il me semble qu'
    A Paris on parle d'une allee qui mene a la cour interieur d'un imeuble.
    En province, on parle d'une voie privee, ou souvent il n'y a qu'une seule maison au bout, avec une cours devant.
    Aux Etats Unis, on dirait une voie privee, ou souvent plusieurs maison partagent la route, chaqu'une avec son parking devant. Aux EU, on a souvent un garage, mais on ne s'en sert pas pour y mettre sa voiture.


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    Fascinating discussion but I'm still unsure. In Canada, I want to advertise a house with a driveway or parking space. There is no garage, so it's not une allée that leads anywhere. It's just a place to park, period. And it is not une grande aire because it is not grand, it's for a single car. Perhaps stationnement? J'sais pas....


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    Excellent, that's what I was going to use, and thanks for the useful site, which I've bookmarked.