a large fortune or an abundance of wealth?


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Although having a large fortune is not a prerequisite for being successful, this does not mean that wealth and success cannot coexist. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are all billionaire businessmen who not only have made their fortunes through fair and legitimate means, but also enjoy good relationships with others and have a passion for the endeavors in which they partake.

Can I use " an abundance of wealth" to replace the " a large fortune" since it said "An abundance of wealth is a ton of cash. " in the vocabulary.com?
What is the difference between them?

Thank you
  • Uncle Jack

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    "Abundance" has a suggestion of generosity about it, and a careful writer might choose to use (or avoid) "an abundance of wealth" to help establish a tone. In your case, I'd stick to the more neutral "a large fortune". There is very little difference in actual meaning.
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