a late bus


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Can one use "a late bus" and "the late bus" instead of "a bus that is late" and "the bus that is late".

I think the first two mean "a/the bus that is scheduled to run at the late hours of the night".
The second two mean "a/the bus that arrived later than it was scheduled to arrive".

Thank you.
  • azz

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    You can have dinner here and catch a late bus home.

    The meaning is clear, I think. This is a bus that runs at late hours. It is not behind schedule.

    I arrived late at the stop. Normally, I would have missed the five o'clock bus, but luckily it was late too. So I caught it. A late bus can sometime be more useful than a bus that is on schedule.

    I wonder if "late bus" works in this case. I am sure it does in the first one. But here it means "a bus that is behind schedule" and I am not sure that that is a correct usage.

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