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Map out tomorrow Before you leave, prioritize the next day. Plan important tasks for morning so you won't buy yourself a late night.

The article's title is "Go Home Earlier"

I wonder if "a late night" means "a late night of the next day(tomorrow)" or "today" in this context.

I think the sentence means one'll be able to have enough time get important tasks done if they're arranged for morning the day before, thus he/she will not take them home or work overtime the next day.

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    Where is this text from? The English is quite poor - it should read "plan important tasks for the morning" (but it isn't clear whether this means the morning of the same day or the next morning). Also, "to buy a late night" doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


    Hi, sorry I cannot post a link. Because the total number of my posts has not reached 30 yet.
    It's from "Reader's Digest".'
    And I also think "the" is needed here.



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    I would say it means plan important tasks for the morning so as not to have to stay back late to do them the following night, but I really don't see any way to be absolutely sure of this.


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    I've looked at the original.
    The bit about "so you won't buy yourself a late night" is a mystery to me as well - unless it means you risk having a late night at the office tomorrow if you haven't arranged to do the most important things in the morning.
    It could be that, I suppose.

    Edit: Oops, late - ah well, I'm supporting Cropje_jnr's post so that's OK :)


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    I have a feeling that it (buying a late night) means having to 'buy a lot of coffee and food' to keep yourself awake through the late night, a penalty to pay for not having prioritized yourself earlier in the day.
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