a launch a lunch a logo



"those companies who have treated sustainabilty as "a launch, a lunch and a logo" will probably peel off.

What does the word "lunch" have to do with the story? is that a set phrase?

Thanks for your help!
  • bibliolept

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    Perhaps he is alluding to unproductive lunch meetings or perhaps even to more elaborate affairs where everyone congratulates everyone else but where nothing else is accomplished.

    It's not common, but it is a set phrase. I've heard it used in the context of government projects.


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    I've never heard/seen it (UK), though I certainly agree with bibliolept's analysis.

    You "launch" the program (at the media, probably, with a big show) ; you give the distinguished attendees a "lunch" (feed them) ; and you publicize your "logo" (public symbol of your organization, and your aim).

    But the whole sense is that of a quick and cheap launch of a programme, which may receive little further financial support.
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