a lavender lip thing going on

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Hola, ¿cómo podría traducir esto al español?
I mean, he's kind of got a lavender lip thing going on

la hija de Tommy Gavin se va a casar un Black Shawn, un muchacho de piel negra que trabaja con Tommy. En la ceremonia Black Shawn le quiere presentar a sus amigos a Tommy y demás amigos de la unidad. Pasado esto, Tommy menciona a Obama como ejemplo y dice esta expresión.

It is true about black people, you know? They have the one color and then all these other colors going on with the one color, you know, like Obama.
I mean, he's kind of got a lavender lip thing going on, you know?

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    The phrasing is very informal, but rather common. The basic structure is "to have a/this ___ thing going on." "Have" in this case has been replaced with "has got" (same meaning), and then "kind of" acts as a modifier, meaning "somewhat." In this case it indicates that the lavender color is noticeable, but not very pronounced (it's subtle).

    "He's kind of got a lavender lip thing going on" = "Sus labios llevan/tienen un tono sútil de lavanda (naturalmente; sin maquillaje)."

    I hope that helps. I had a bit of trouble with phrasing it in Spanish but it should express the idea. Wait for other suggestions.
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