a lawless overreach by the president

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I read an article, "Lawsuit challenging Obama on immigration highlights states' divisions," from The NYT and it read: The central point of the lawsuit is to stop what Texas and its allies regard as a lawless overreach by the president."

Can anyone explain to me what does 'a lawless...president' mean? I am also not sure how this phrase is structured; is 'overreach' used as a verb here? Please let me know what wouldbe the original form of the sentenceif anything is omitted.

Thanks in advace :)
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    Overreach is a noun (you can tell this with the article 'a' which is used with a noun), and lawless modifies this noun.

    An overreach is doing something beyond what one should do, and this act of overreaching is described as lawless and has been committed by the president.
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