a left and a right into the heart


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I have a problem with one of J. Clarkson's sentences. Here's some context:

"The BBC has dressed it all up as a piece of radical thinking and has interviewed all sorts of toothless and incoherent crones
who plainly don’t understand the concept of ownership. But don’t be fooled. Everything that’s being proposed (...)
is a left and a right into the heart of the better-off.

Could someone explain to me how should I understand that "left" and "right" thing? Is this some strange idiom or maybe a reference to boxing (like blows hit by left and right hand)? I literally have no idea.
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    It looks idiosyncratic, and doesn't pair ideally well with 'into the heart', as one delivers blows 'to' e.g. a chin, so I recommend against copying this usage. But yes, I'd go with understanding it as a boxing metaphor.
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