a legitimate error

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In December 2005, it was reported that Wales had been editing his own entry – fixing a legitimate error, he says: “It’s not perfect – we’re human beings, so it’s a very noisy process, but one of the strengths of Wikipedia is the diversity of people working there. So if you try to write a completely favourable article about Donald Trump or Barack Obama, someone will always call you up on it.”

(This comes from telegraph.co.uk Jimmy Wales: I don't regret not monetising Wikipedia by Eleanor Steafel on 15 Jan 2016.)

Does the blue part mean "a reasonable error"? What is an error that can be legitimate?

Thanks in advance!
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    It's not strictly applicable here. It means a genuine error, and also it was legitimate to fix the error. The words 'legitimate error' conflate two slightly different ideas.


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    He wasn't trying to put himself in a good light or something. Someone just got some fact about him wrong and he wanted to fix it.
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