a less vengeful interpretation for a kinder time

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This is an extract from A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson. J-jig is an airplane. Bridget is a maid who lived in the pilot's childhood house.

The turbulence was atrocious, rocking J-Jig around as if it were a toy aircraft. As flies to wanton boys, or wanton gods. Zeus throwing his thunderbolts, Thor wielding his hammer. The fairies moving their furniture, Bridget used to say, a less vengeful interpretation for a kinder time.

Would you like to explain the meaning of the sentence highlighted in bold in this case to me? Thank you.
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    Possibly, the image of fairies is less "vengeful" than the image of strikes from wanton thunder gods. I don't know precisely what "kinder time" references, unless it be that childhood period.


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    The story is set in World War II.
    In that case, the "kinder time" is a reference to the good old pre-war times. The violence of thunderbolts and hammers being thrown is also somewhat war-like, and thus we have a parallel structure, with fairies and pre-war times being pleasant, and violent gods and war-time not.
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