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My friend wanted to write a letter of apology but instead of "letter of apology", he wrote "letter for apology" because he wanted to imply that the incident had not completely been his fault and that he was actually writing "a letter asking for apology" rather than "a letter of apology"

Neither I nor my friend speaks English as our native tongue, so I want to ask a native speaker's opinion. Would you consider that a clever word play that actually makes sense or does that sound like a total nonsense to you?
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    Nonsense, I'm afraid. Because we don't use that phrase, it's too subtle to have any universally guessable meaning, so we would just consider it an error.

    Maybe "a letter requesting an apology," although I realize that it's not short and snappy and clever. My apologies. :)


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    Why do you need to call it anything? Are you asking for something that will form the subject line of the letter? If you are, a straightforward 'Request for Apology' would make sense.
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