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In the following sentence which comes from a new report, what does "a level of celebrity" refers to ?:

"Celebrity endorsements are the new rage in slot machine advertising. Whilst casinos find it ever more difficult to catch potential players’ eyes with all-singing all-dancing slot machines, celebrity endorsed gaming experience seems to be the answer. According to Mike Trask, spokesman for Bally Technologies (manufacturers of the Beach Boys slot machine), “there’s a level of celebrity that’s going to stand out even on that casino floor”. "

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    Level here is (OED):

    a position on a real or imaginary scale of amount, quantity, extent, or quality: a high level of unemployment
    Mike Trask is saying that there is an amount or extent or quality of celebrity -- here meaning celebrity endorsements -- that can distinguish a slot machine from the other machines on the casino floor, even though there are other slot machines that have celebrity endorsements.
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