a level playing field vs leveling the plainfield

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Non-native here.

I have heard the term "a level playing field" very often, but I believe I've heard the expression as an action: "to level the plainfield". Can't give you more context because I can't recall when I heard it.

Is this correct? do they mean the same thing? is the second one widely used?

Thanks in advance

  • elroy

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    to level the playing field

    Both are valid expressions. I suggest googling them in quotation marks to find examples of usage.


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    British English
    "To level the playing field". :tick:
    (not "plainfield" :cross: )
    No, of course they don't mean the same thing. If you already have a level playing field, you don't need to create one. :)

    A quick way of finding examples is to use the forum dictionary's "In context" link, like this "Level the playing field" - Google Search


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    Whoever wrote plainfield was not paying attention.
    To the best of my knowledge, it's not even a word in English.
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