A-line and CVP

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    Hello everybody.
    I want to know if anybody can help me find out what A-line and CVP mean.
    I think they are related to interpretation of waveforms and values of an electrocardiogram, although I am not completety sure.... But I am sure they are related to cardiology.

    Can anybody help me?

    Thank you very much!!
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    They aren't directly related to the EKG, but they are other forms of monitoring in intensive care unit settings. A-line is an informal way of referring to an arterial line. An arterial line will give a continuous blood pressure reading and will allow for frequent lab draws without "poking" the patient each time.

    CVP stands for central venous pressure, another pressure reading that comes from a central line (this time from a line in a vein, not in an artery). A low CVP may indicate that the patient has a low fluid volume inside their vessels. This may tell the provider that the patient needs IV fluid volume (like normal saline) instead of cardiovascular medications.
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    Thank yor very much!!!!

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