a line of ancestry

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  1. Jade14 Senior Member

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    How would you say that in spanish?
    The context is that in Polynesian tattoo, "ropes" or "cords" symbolize "a line of ancestry".
    Could it be "linea de ascendencia"?, or maybe just the word "linaje" alone carries that meaning?
    Thank you for your help!
  2. softouch_me Banned

    peru... spanish
    Una línea de linaje
  3. Jade14 Senior Member

    Chicago, IL
    Thank you softouch-me. Is it just coincidence or is it just me, or does that sound awkward? "línea de linaje" is that like saying, "a line of lineage", or is it different in spanish?
  4. María Madrid

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    Spanish Spain
    Yes, it sounds really awkward and cacophonous. I'd just say linaje (which may imply the idea of nobility) or simply antepasados. Saludos, :)
  5. ismael37 Senior Member

    ¿Cuando se dice linaje, se habla de los antepasados en general, no? "A line of ancestry" parece que se refiere a una rama del árbol (materna o paterna).

    Confused, but not dazed.

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