a line of print

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indent v
2 to start a line of print or writing further in from the margin than the other lines:
[Vn] Please indent the first line of each paragraph.
(from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

What does the "a line of print" mean?
Is it a process of printing a certain number of sheets of paper at a time?

Thank you
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    A line of print or writing is simply a single line ... before it comes to the right margin and continues on a second line. Pick up any book and look at any page: a line of print will be a single line that you see in a paragraph -- any line. (I didn't think this would be so convoluted to explain, but perhaps it's me. :))

    An indented line of print would be the first line in a paragraph that is indented (starts, for example, five spaces away) from the left-hand margin.
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