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'A little bird told me..' is an english expression I've often wanted to use in conversation but don't know the french equivalent. It means 'someone told me...' for example, to reveal a secret about someone without revealing the source of the information.

I've tried 'un petit oiseau m'a dit...' but get confused expressions back (could be my terrible accent though!)

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    en français, on a tendance à empoyer l'expression "mon petit doigt m'a dit" ce qui semble parfaitement correspondre.

    Le problème est donc d'ordre sémantique et non à un quelconque soucis de prononciation!! j'espère que vous voilà rassuré!!!


    "on m'a dit que..."
    "j'ai entendu dire que..."
    "Il parait que..."
    All these expression are commonly used.

    Or if you want stay closer to the english expression, you can say "mon petit doigt m'a dit que...", but to me, it's a bit old fashionned.


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    "Mon petit-doigt m'a dit..." is indeed the idiomatic equivalent, although a bit ol-fashioned as already said. Still used, though.

    "J'ai ouï dire" is a way of saying the same thing, but is an archaïc form which is used half as a joke, putting on old-fashioned/aristocratic manners.

    Hope that helps.. :)
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