A little bird told me

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  1. Otromas Deporahi

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    A little bird told me is said in order to let someone know that you are not going to tell them how you got the information.

    "How did you know I wanted this one?"
    "A little bird told me."

    Is it there a Russian equivalent of this expression? In Spain we also say that a little bird (un pajarito) told me.
  2. Vovan Senior Member

    "Птичка рассказала" can be used in Russian, too.

    There's also another, sort of "more classical" way to say that:
    "Сорока на хвосте принесла"
  3. Otromas Deporahi

    Otromas Deporahi Member

    Spanish - Spain
    A magpie brought it on it's tail?

    So it's allways about birds.
  4. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    It's actually "мне птичка напела" ;)

    *дурь (slang) - weed.
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  5. Vovan Senior Member

    To some, she sings; to others, tells; to still others, whispers.;)
    (I guess it depends... On the quality of the weed.:rolleyes:)
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  6. Maroseika Moderator

    I also think a set expression is птичка напела, it sounds more idiomatic and expressive.
    Напеть is also used separately in the sense 'to tell tales, gossip about smb" and "tattle / squeal on smb.'.
    - Я слышал, нашего директора увольняют.
    - Да кто тебе такое напел?
    One more set expression - напеть в уши кому-либо (put a bug / flea in smb's ear; pour twaddle into smb's ear).

    Сорока на хвосте принесла mostly refers to some unexpected news or unverified information (in the everyday life, not politics or anything like that).

    One more set expression, although somewhat bookish/outdated is слухом земля полнится or земля слухом полнится.

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