a little bit/a bit

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Spanish (Spain)
Is there any difference between "a bit" and "a little bit"????

It would be for instance, in this example?

I want a little bit of that cake.
I want a bit of that cake

It would there be any other case they could be different???
Thank you all.
  • Trailbosstom

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    American English
    They're about the same. "A bit" without the "little" sounds a bit British. Americans wouldn't often leave out the "little."
    Remember a little is positive: I'm happy because I have a little money.
    Little without the article is usually negative: I'm sad because I have little money.
    Sad: few friends. Happy: a few friends.

    Wandering JJ

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    British English
    A British English example where there is a slight difference. Sitting round the dinner table:

    Host - Would you like a bit more meat?
    Guest - Yes please, but just a little bit.

    A little bit is smaller than a bit this side of the pond.
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