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I am currently writing the Standard Operating Procedures for my restaurant. It is a document that explains all standards of an establishment. It is very useful as it is created for all new employees to understand how the restaurant works and the standards required by the management.

I am in the section about serving wine and I am looking for a formal way to say "a little bit" in the following sentense:
"Once the bottle has been opened, the waiter pours a little bit of wine for the guest to taste it."
I was also thinking of writing "a sip", but it doesn't sound formal neither.

Thank you for your help.
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    American English
    But when you open a bottle of wine, in a restaurant, you pour the guest a sample, to make sure that the wine has not gone bad.

    The guest tastes it. Then they say "yes, it's fine" or "no, it's gone bad". At least that is the wine culture that I know.
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