a little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.

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The quote is from the story "Clovis On The Alleged Romance Of Business " by H. H. Munro

I did not get that:
"a little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation"

Thank you

It was the unledgered wanderer, the careless-hearted seafarer,
the aimless outcast, who opened up new trade routes,
tapped new markets, brought home samples or cargoes
of new edibles and unknown condiments. It was they
who brought the glamour and romance to the threshold
of business life, where it was promptly reduced to
pounds, shillings, and pence ; invoiced, double-entried,
quoted, written-off, and so forth ; most of those terms
are probably wrong, but a little inaccuracy sometimes
saves tons of explanation.
  • HHM is admitting his terms (invoiced, double entried, ...) may be inexact, but doesn't want to go into a detailed explanation.

    I think the concept is clear: If you call me, I might say, "I can't talk, I'm busy building a bookshelf." In fact, though, that's inexact. It's actually an integrated desk-bookshelf unit which will also house my computer and peripherals, including a printer. So you see
    how being inexact has saved me from going far into explanation.
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