a little me goes a long way

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Betty comes to an appointment to a dentist (M). They have become quite good friends recently. So, they are discussing Betty's current problem regarding Betty's love Henry who's leaving for another city with his ex Charlie since she's pregnant and he doesn't want his kid to grow up without a father. So, they come up with an idea that Charlie has been cheating on him with Dr Farkis (dantist) who works at the same place where M. works.

M.: "So, she's been cheating, Charlie's a cheater! You know what? Forget I said anything. I just keep talking when I shouldn't be talking, frankly, a little me goes a long way."

Could you tell me what she means by "a little me goes a long way"? I've found one definition for "go a long way" which means "if you say that someone will go a long way, you mean that they will be successful". Is this that one?
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    In this case, it means that a lot can be made of a little, a little can be stretched a long way. Here M is saying that a little time in her company (a little of me) has a big effect (a long way).
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