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In "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", after the death of Senator Sam Foley, Joe Paine and Jim Taylor had a little discussion about the man who would take Foley's place.
Foley was one of the party's men and he knew about the graft they were making. Therefore, the one who would take his place might ask questions about it. So Joe Paine think they should drop that graft. After a long discussion, they agreed to go on with it. However, Joe Pain was still a little bit worried. Jim Taylor picked up a newspaper and pointed to the picture of Joe Paine and said: "Look at the campaign I started for you in all my papers."
Joe Pain replied: "A little obscure, isn't it?"
What does "obscure" here mean? Is it "unclear" of "not well-known yet"?
Thanks in advance!
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    Firstly, notice that Jim Taylor laughs when Joe Pain says it.
    In the movie, it means 'not readily seen by readers of the newspaper', as if the item is small and in a corner of some inside page. Instead, there's a giant photo and caption splashed across the front page.
    He's having a joke.
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