A little ways

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I'd like to know the meaning/ use of the expression a little ways. Is it a kindd of adverbial meaning something like a bit? There is another similar thread (under the title A little ways back down), but I still have this doubt.

"Wait," said Granger. "And move downstream a little ways, just in case".
From Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Thanks in advance

  • srta chicken

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    The store you want is just a little ways down the road.

    You're almost there. Keep on this road a little ways more and you'll see their house on the left.


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    It is a way to describe a (somewhat) short physical or metaphorical distance.

    Example: A little ways on, they came to the end of the ridge.

    Example: They have a little ways to go before knowing enough to do well on the test.
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