a lo largo de la tarde

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  1. cat-can Senior Member

    CATALONIA, catalan and spanish
    Esta nublado, pero espero que se aclare a lo largo de la tarde. Tenemos una barbacoa esta noche.

    It is cloudy, but I hope it clears out THROUGH? the afternoon. We are having a bbq tonight.

    Through, thoughout, during the aftenoon? Which one fits better?
  2. Robbie168

    Robbie168 Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Spanish, English - US & UK
    I think I would use "throughout" but let's wait for some other comments.

    Robbie ;)
  3. ari25 Senior Member

    U.S. English
    I'd say "I hope it clears up in the afternoon" or "I hope it clears up this afternoon"
  4. HojaEnBlanco Senior Member

    New York & California
    English - US
    You could also say "I hope it clears up by the end of the afternoon" (meaning sometime between now and when the afternoon is over)

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