a lo largo de la vida, logra que haga ¡clonc!....


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can someone help me to translate the following sentence...

' No hay problema si uno nace con un nombre cualquiera y luego, a lo largo de la vida , logra que hace ¡clonc! Lo malo es cuando de recién nacido le embuten a uno el ¡clonc! nada más porque así lo exige la ley.'

my attempt:
' there is no problem if one is born with any name and then, to a long life, they manage to ¡clonc! the trouble is that when your are a baby you have this name that was opposed over him'

gracias :)
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    My initial attempt (but I don´t understand all of it)

    "it´s no problem to be born with any name whatsoever and then, throughout life, logra que hace ¡clona! The trouble is as soon as you are born they saddle you with you a name ¡clona! for no other reason than it is required by law.

    I am English though so it´s best to wait for a native Spanish speaker to confirm the meaning.
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