A lo largo de los partidos

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  1. Xusto

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    Hi there! I have a doubt that I'd like to discuss. My doubt is about the word over. Can I say "He improved over the last 4 games" in the sense of " El mejoró a lo largo de las últimas cuatro partidas" I've seen many times "over the years" so I suppose that "over the last 4 games" may be correct as well. Thanks beforehand.
  2. kayokid

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    I hope you will not mind a few minor corrections/suggestions that will make your English flow a bit smoother...

    NOTE: 'Over the matches' doesn't sound quite right to me, but I can't say why... I would say: Throughout the match/series/tournament
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    'He improved over the last four games' sounds OK to me too.
  4. Cpt. Sqweky Member

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    "Over the last four games" is fine, but my preference would be "over the course of the last four games". Just sounds more natural to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if others disagree.
  5. Xusto

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    Thanks for the answers.

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