1. elliot larner

    elliot larner Senior Member

    someone said to me a sentence about watching a movie with the phrase - "a lo largo de" is this similar to during (durante)

    a lo largo de la pelicula ????????

    What is also the difference with durante

    Thank you
  2. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

    San Francisco / Oakland, CA
    English - USA (California)
    "A lo largo" to me implies throughout the entirety of the movie/film.
    "Durante" is less specific and may just refer to a specific moment in the movie.
  3. translatore Senior Member

    spanish spain
    I agree with aloof, I would say 'throughout' or actually just 'through'
  4. Elcanario

    Elcanario Senior Member

    En un lugar de Castilla
    Spanish - Spain
    Si nos pones ejemplos de frases podríamos aconsejarte que expresión es más adecuada en cada caso según el contexto.

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