(a) long-awaited time off

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Standard Japanese, Sendaian Japanese
Say you've been working non-stop for a long time. And you're finally taking a day off.

You'd say 'I'm taking a long-awaited day off.'

If you wanted to use 'time' for 'day,' would you say 'a long-awaited time off' or just 'long-awaited time off' without 'a'? I'd say the latter.
  • DocPenfro

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    English - British
    If I was saying it, I would use "I'm taking some long-awaited (or long-overdue) time off."

    Neither of your proposed choices sound natural to my (BE) ear.


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    Without "long-awaited", I think "I'm finally taking time off" is fine.

    The problem comes with "long-awaited", which changes "time" from an indefinite, abstract concept to a more definite one: time for which you've been waiting a long time. That is why we need "some" or "the" with it.
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