a long time ago and long time ago

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Ivan Fish

New Member
are there any differences between "a long time ago" and "long time ago"?
when we use "a long time ago" and when we use "long time ago" ?
could you give me some examples?thank you
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    Hello, Ivan Fish,

    Welcome. :)

    We usually say "a long time ago". I can't think of any time we would say "long time ago" without a.

    You will find examples of the use of this phrase, along with some discussion if you look at some earlier threads with the same phrase:

    A long time ago
    A long time ago
    I <would, used to> play tennis a long time ago.
    It's a long time ago when we saw each other last.

    If you have any question after you have read these, you are welcome to add it to the end of one of these threads.

    I am closing this thread to avoid further duplication.

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