a longer series

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Blue Apple

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Does "a longer series" in the following text mean "a series composed of a larger number of artworks"?

...The series arguably presents a metaphorical tracking of the bloom and eventual death of passion. The title of the series implies that this melodrama has to do with the artist himself.
Rainer Fetting’s approach to painting and to the subject matter of gay relationships is less theatrical. In a longer series of selfportraits from 1977–8, Fetting depicts himself in the nude, sporting a red-lacquer manicure and matching lipstick, in drag, or with a fedora with the same rouged lips, a dramatic brushstroke of red (Art and Politics by Laudia Mesch).
  • lingobingo

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    Yes. It means a different — and longer — series of works from the series just mentioned, which I think was by a different artist (Salomé?), although you haven’t provided enough text to confirm this.
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