A lost sailor returns home alive

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  1. braekell New Member

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    I am trying to say "A lost sailor returns home alive." in French.
    after a bunch of issues with tenses I am almost 100% sure that
    "Un marin perdu revient vivant."
    is the correct way.

    Is there another way to say this? Because I do not think "returns home" is in the French version. It says "living" right?
    But is that basically the same when comprehended in French terms?
    I am trying to say it in the present tense and I am trying to keep it as exact to the English sentence as possible.

    I just need more opinions on whether or not "Un marin perdu revient vivant." is fully correct or if there is a better way to write it because this is really important to me and I have to get it right.

    Thank you so much for your help. =)
  2. themaster

    themaster Senior Member

    "Un marin perdu en mer revient vivant chez lui."
    i suppose the sailor was lost in the sea/ocean but if not remove "en mer"
  3. braekell New Member

    United States English
    Ahh I understand what you added. Does the original phrase still make sense in French without 'en mer' and 'chez lui' though?
  4. Valosh

    Valosh Senior Member

    Yes your original sentence was also fine.

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