a lot going for you

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  • COLsass

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    Sor_Zitroën said:

    ¿me podeis ayudar con esta frase?
    I think it would be something like this:

    tenes mucho con que contar...la idea es que tenes muchas habilidades, destrezas, rasgos personales que te van a servir de util durante la vida.

    Muchas veces le decimos a la gente deprimida para animarla.

    Don't worry about it; even though you didn't ge this job you have a lot going for you. You're smart, interesting and I know you'll find an even better job before you know it!


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    Vale, eso me convence mucho. Pero creo que se podria resumir como "creo que tienes mucha valia" o "vales muchos".

    ¿Que os parece?


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    Mexicalpan de las Tunas, TexMex
    lemme at it:

    "vamos, dices que eres un tipo guapo y que tienes mucho futuro"

    I've changed your 'now' to a more common 'vamos'; for 'atractive' I've used 'guapo', some people may use 'simpatico','bien parecido', 'carismatico', (your call); for 'guy' I like 'tipo', some spaniards may say 'tio', some mexicans may say 'individou','sujeto', 'muchaco','hombre', check your audience for that one. For 'you have a lot going', a literal translation may sound like bragging, 'tienes futuro' sounds modest and conveys the idea that your current worth may increase with time.

    Hope it helps.
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