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Hi, let's say you and I are trying to decide which companies to invest in. Judging from our research on the web, company X seems a good candidate. But since we are still not sure about this company, we need to ask someone for more information. Our friend Naomi knows a lot about stocks/shares. So, I say...

Why don't we ask Naomi? She probably knows ____________ about this company (than us).

a lot more
2. much more
3. a greater deal

#1 sounds idiomatic to my ears. Maybe #2 is equally idiomatic. How about #3?
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    ...than us makes the sentence (theoretically) ambiguous-- she knows a lot more about the company than she knows about us/she knows a lot more about the company than we do.:)

    I agree only the first two options are correct.
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    I don't think I've ever heard "a greater deal" (as a comparative of "a great deal"), meijin.
    "A greater deal ... than" did sound strange, so I had to start the thread. It's really interesting it's not used in comparative sentences.

    ...than us makes the sentence (theoretically) ambiguous--
    Indeed. I thought the original post was perfect when I posted it, but as usual it wasn't. :D
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