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Hi everyone,
I know we have got most of the in English, but I am confused since I don't know if we can use the same structure with "a lot of" "Plenty of" and "several of"
Imagine we are talking about a class in which the students are unhappy with their teacher, can we say?
A lot of the students are discontent with their teacher.
Several of the students are discontent.
Plenty of the students are discontent .
I guess we are talking about a group of of people so article "the" is needed because I want to abstain from the general sense these words without "the" imply, still I am not sure if it is ok to say them
  • Barque

    "Discontent" is a noun. The adjective you want is "discontented".

    With that change, the first sentence works. It could also work without "the". The use of "the" in this case depends on the exact context and what was said earlier.

    I'd prefer to omit "of the" in the second sentence. Several students are discontented with the teacher. That takes care of "the". It also works with "of the".

    Plenty of the students are discontent .
    With "plenty", I think it sounds better without "the" though it isn't incorrect with it.