a lot of things to do

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  1. Menti Member

    England, English
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    How would I say 'a lot of things to do' in French? I think it would be something like 'beaucoup des affaires à faire', but I am not sure if this is the best way to say it, or even correct.
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  2. lydiaforbes11 Member

    Scotland English
    Hiya, I'm not 100% sure but maybe = beaucoup de choses à faire?
  3. Robbyn Senior Member

    Français, arabe
    on dirait plutôt : beaucoup de choses à faire, ou tout simplement "beaucoup à faire, tout dépend du contexte.
  4. carpediem226a New Member

    Switzerland and French
    tu peux simplement traduire par "beaucoup de choses à faire" ou alors, de manière plus familière "un tas de choses à faire"
  5. Menti Member

    England, English
    Merçi beaucoup. :)
  6. tallheather Member

    should i say
    il y a beaucoup des choses a faire aussi ou il y a beaucoup choses a faire aussi?
    merci en advance
  7. Moonlit-Sunset

    Moonlit-Sunset Senior Member

    Hauts-de-Seine (Paris suburbs)
    French (mother tongue)
    Il y a aussi beaucoup de choses à faire
  8. laudace

    laudace Senior Member

    Ohio, USA
    English - America
    beaucoup de choses à faire

    Best wishes. :)
  9. tallheather Member

    de not des???
  10. laudace

    laudace Senior Member

    Ohio, USA
    English - America
    Yes. Des, here, would mean something like 'of the' which doesn't fit.

    Plus de ça! is "No more (of that)!" for example. :)
  11. tallheather Member

    OH! ok thank you so much!!!

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