a lot of time or times


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Please explain the difference between "a lot of time" and "a lot of times". I've found both of them in Google.
I want to say for example:
1] I smile a lot of time(s) thanks to you
2]you make me smile a lot of time(s)

Should I use in this sentences "time" or "times"?
Thank you for your help
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    I've waited a lot of time. (Could mean a single wait or multiple instances of waiting; time as in minutes, hours, months, etc.)
    I've waited a lot of times. (Implies that I've waited on multiple occasions; times refer to many separate waits)


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    A lot of times is used when you want to emphasize the individual instances.
    "I smiled a lot of times that evening."
    But if you are emphasizing your generally smiling mood, you say
    "I smiled a lot that evening."
    A lot of time is entirely different.
    Here, you are actually referring to an amount of time passing.
    "A lot of time has passed since the war"
    or "A lot of the time in the first quarter has gone by"

    Note that in the U.S.A. we often replace a lot with lots
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