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Hi everyone!
I wrote a text for my English lesson, and my teacher told me that 'a lot of' is a mistake in this sentence: 'This is the reason why he has a lot of friends'.
I don't know how to correct it, because I don't know why this is wrong. Can anybody help me? Thanks :)
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    Welcome to the forum xStarry

    There's nothing wrong with 'This is the reason why he has a lot of friends'

    "a lot of" is, however, informal.

    As a side note, your teacher can't be much of a teacher if he/she won't explain what he/she thinks is an error.

    Note, however: A lot of people, including native English speakers, unfortunately, write "alot" as one word, which is an abomination. I mention this just to be sure that you did not write it this way or in some way that might have been mistaken for it.

    Good luck


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    I think I should have explained it better. In the exercise, we had to write a formal text, then the teacher told us the mistakes, and we had to correct it later. So our marks depend on the correction.

    Is there a formal way to say "a lot of"?

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    Keith Bradford

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    My favourite teacher always used to tell us that "a lot is an item sold at auction" and should be replaced by much (singular) or many (plural). But then, that was 50 years ago; I think the more casual "a lot" is more acceptable nowadays. However, you have been asked for "a formal text", so...
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