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I believe "of" cannot be omitted when we say "a lot of" as the following sentence:

I saw it a lot of times.

However, I have found many sentences in the Internet where "of" is omitted like this:

I saw it a lot times.

Do native speakers of English often omit "of" of "a lot of"?
  • yokohama134072

    When I googled, I found 35 examples of "heard a lot times". Do native speakers use it often in spoken language? Or should I assume they are all wrong even in colloquial use?


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    I don't think anyone says it. I have noticed that in writing people sometimes accidentally leave out these small words at the end of common expressions - also in 'on behalf of', 'as well as'. It's a typing/editing mistake, and because it's such an insignificant word, in a fixed phrase, it's easy to miss.
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