A love (αγαπάω,λατρεύω..) ("Agapao", "Latreia", "Phileo", "Eros")


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About a term "a love".
In Russian there are 1 word for "a love =любовь", but in Greek there are a lot of terms with meaning "a love": (αγαπάω,λατρεύω..) ("Agapao", "Latreia", "Phileo", "Eros").

I did think the basic for the term a love is (αγαπάω)("Agapao").
What are differences between the Greek terms of love: ("Agapao", "Latreia", "Phileo", "Eros")?.

I did know about a phrase "Of course I love my mother" it is: "Φυσικά και αγαπάω τη μητέρα μου." in Greek language.

But how to say the phrase in Greek: "I love the God. I love to be in a Russian Orthodox church. I love my homeland. I love a wife. I love a sex with a wife. I love an art. I love Moscow. I love Russia. I love Greece and I love an art of the Ancient Greece.And I love a culture of the medieval Byzantine Empire" ??
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    Hmmm.... Regarding the first part of the question:
    1.Agapaw means "to love" in Greek.
    2."Latreia" is a noun that means "adoration", not love, sometimes uses as a superlative of love. The verb is "latrevo".
    "Phileo" or "philo" meant "to love" in ancient Greek but is now replaced by agapao.
    Eros (modern greek "erotas") is love if a special kind, hard to define in a post:). But it is again a noun not a verb. Indeed the Greek language makes the distinction between Agapi and Eros where other languages don't.
    3. When "I love" is used in the sense of "I like very much" as in "I love to be in a Russian Orthodox Church"/"I love a sex with my wife", and probably "I love the culture of the medieval Byzantine Empire" normally a different construction is used: "Mou aresei poly" which means "I like very much".

    So, the verb would be "agapao" in most of your sentences, except in these cases cited above. If love is very intense you would say "latrevo".


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    well you may just think that αγαπάω is used as
    я люблю but not as an equivalent of
    мне нравится which is μ’αρέσει
    λατρεύω = я обожаю as well as
    я очень люблю
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