A mí me lo vas a decir.

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Hola de nuevo:

Tell me, please, what it means.

Two men are talking. One of them says that maybe good times have already passed. Another agrees and says that the village has changed lately. Then the first man says this phrase:

A mí me lo vas a decir.

It's without exclamation or question marks. Just this way.
I suppose it might be something like "I know it. You don't have to tell me."
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  • Lurrezko

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    Esa es la idea: lo sé de memoria, no necesitas decírmelo. Suele ir entre signos de exclamación, pero tampoco son imprescindibles, en mi opinión. Otra manera de expresarlo:

    ¡Dímelo a mí!

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    I hear this idea expressed in English as "Tell me about it!" or simply "Do tell!"
    The meaning is ironic: It's unnecessary to tell me, because it's obvious.
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