A mí se me están olvidando los colores.

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  1. SosoH New Member

    Someone know what this sentence means?
    Thank U =)
  2. Anlena Senior Member

    Could you provide some context?
  3. SosoH New Member

    in fact, the context is a woman who tells about her native city and now, she is old and she doesn't remember the colors of her city.
    After this sentence, it is : " A mi se me estàn olvidando los colores. Sé que el mar es azul y la sangre es roja, pero esos colores ya casi no los recuerdo... A veces me confundo y me imagino el mar de color negro. Y es horrible"
  4. Anlena Senior Member

    Then, I think you can translate this sentence literally, she is forgetting what the colours look like.

    "I'm forgetting the colours. I know the sea is blue, blood is red, but I can barely remember these colours... Sometimes I get confused and imagine the sea is black. It's horrible."

    At least, that is what I understand. I hope this helps.
  5. sariki21 Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    A mí se me están olvidando los colores... it means that this old woman is forgetting about colors.

    I am forgetting colors. I know the ocean is blue, the blood is red... but I barely remember those colors... Sometimes I get confused and I picture the ocean being black. And it is horrible.

    Hope it helps!
  6. SosoH New Member

    I think it could be good
    thank U very much :)
    and I have a last question : in the same context, how could you translate the sentense "Bueno, qué màs da - dijo Faneca queriendo animarla. Figùrate una paloma de color rosa. Qué bonita! ".
    As i'm french, I would rather a french translation ^^
    Thanks =)

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